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Self Sovereign Identity app

Allow the users to apply to different programs, using credentials issued by the Government in a block chain.
Front End
UI Design

These set of 2 front-end applications, were the first one that I created in my COOP. And I cannot describe how mind-blowing they were for me. The idea of creating something like these as a mere student, was something that I was not expecting. But, as any other problem, I needed to understand it, then break it into smaller pieces and finally put all together into the solution. I was lucky that I was pair with another student that have more experience. Together we spend around 2 months just learning about the concepts of Self Sovereign Identity and Block Chains. It was ground shaking to learn how much it can help us; and after thousands of experiments, we were able to create our own credentials. During those 2 months, I worked on the design of the 2 front-end applications that we would need. The first one would be the one facing the users. A responsive website, that will allow the users to apply to any benefit using their unique credentials. And the second one, was the one in charge of allowing the user to issue those credentials. Both would work together with a third-party application that allows the user to hold their issued credentials. At the end of our research, my partner was interested in creating the back-end and connecting the block chain. And I focused in developing the front-end for both apps. That way, I was able to learn about Angular, APIs and how to develop using JavaScript to connect everything together.