• React
  • Bootstrap
  • Strapi
  • Twilio

Digital Receptionist

Design and develop a set of applications that will allow the users to screen new visits for COVID before any contact with the employees.
Front End
Back End

During my COOP with the Government of Manitoba, I had the opportunity to design and develop these applications. The purpose was to create a workflow that will avoid direct contact with the government employees; but at the same time, will allow them to be notified if a person they were meeting or a delivery had arrived.


There were a total of 4 applications for this project. The first one, named the Digital Receptionist was the front end for the lobby entrance; there the user's were able to select who they will be visiting, and will be presented with the COVID screening. The second one, was the back end. I used Strapi to create an API for my custom content. Additionally, I customize it to return specific query results, that helped me to display better reports and data in the other apps. The third one was the SMS notification app. I used Twilio open Node projects, to model and send a custom SMS to the users, depending on the type of visit that was requesting them. Finally, all these applications should be able to be managed by a government user, without any knowledge of Strapi or APIs. Besides, they should be able to generate reports per visit or per employee. In order to full fill these requirements, I created the forth one, a second front-end that worked as the administrative application. It allowed the users to generate instant PDF reports for different users and date ranges.