About me
Now, you know that my name is Daniel, I'm a graphic designer and front-end developer. But it doesn't say much about me, right?
The most important thing about me, is that I thrive to learn; and that's how I've made it so far, being just a designer from Colombia. I've learned how to create full-stack applications with multiple technologies. How to improve UIs to be faster and easier to for the users; and I'm learning how to become a good father for my kiddo.
I'm currently living in Canada and I'm a member of the dev team at BrewNinja. There, I'm in charge of making UI improvements to their current app, while grounding the base for a brand new one. Learning the entrains of React; helping rebuild our REST API and playing Jackbox with the team at Ninja Hour.
Before this position, I have 14 years of experience in digital projects in Colombia, Brazil, US and Canada. Knowledge on a big variety of tenchologies; and in case that you are interested, here's my resume and a couple of links:


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